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Planet Money playing really slowly

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Planet Money playing really slowly

I've been listening to Planet Money for a few years, without issue, but the last two episodes are playing really slowly. All my other podcasts are fine, playing them on their website is fine as well. Anyone else seen this?

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The problem seems to be an

The problem seems to be an encoding issue with episode 607 and the republished episode 517, so when the variable speed feature is enabled those two particular files plays back slowly & a workaround is disable variable speed. Unfortunately for devices running "Lollipop 5.0.0/5.0.1/ 5.0.2 the “Variable Speed” media player is enabled by default and can't be disabled because there is a problem with the Android media player, DC uses the player for audio & video playback.

Eric will respond later if there is something can done from the app side or you can contact the publisher and let them know about the problem at planetmoney (AT)npr -dot-org