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please add bracuhiolopemedia to your network list

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please add bracuhiolopemedia to your network list

I listen to the titanium physicist which I just learned is just one of many awesome science podcasts on this network:

It's like TWIT but awesome science....and should be added to ur networks...
I love the new version and the expanding search system...luv u all

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Brachiolope Media Network

We use a new company that provides the information for the, Top,Network & Categories tabs, also the search engine for DC database, so currently unable to add additional feeds to the network tab
Swipe to the "Search Tab" use the Keyword:Brachiolope to list all feeds from the publisher.
Astrarium Podcast
The Collapsed Wavefunction
Science... sort of
Technically Speaking
The Titanium Physicists Podcast
The Weekly Weinersmith