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Can't Subscribe to Real Time with Bill Maher

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Can't Subscribe to Real Time with Bill Maher

Hello Doggcatcher forums,

Until last week I was successfully subscribed to Real Time with Bill Maher, and listened to dozens of episodes. Then my tablet crashed, and I am in the process of installing and setting everything up on a new tablet. Problem: I cannot successfully subscribe to Real Time either through the link that shows up when I search, or by using the rss feed. I have tried several means to do this, but it rejects them all, saying that the link "does not look like a proper rss feed". Help. Is there another link? Am I missing something? I know this should work properly because it did until last week! Any Real Time fans out there find a solution or tell me something else I can try?


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Real Time with Bill Maher

Real Time with Bill Maher feed URL: is listed first in DC's database (Keyword "Real Time") try subscribing to feed using the "Search " or "Networks" options - under networks scroll down and press "HBO Podcasts" select the 1st listing (In the DC Navigation Menu>Subscribe)

Update 02/01/2016
This feed is region locked, contact the publisher to find out if they have a non US version of the RSS URL for the Real Time feed at podcast (AT) hbo (DOT) com