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Strange OPML behavior

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Strange OPML behavior

I recently added this podcast:

The podcast loaded with only the most recent episode available. I was able open and access all the of the episodes using Cloud Caster in my browser.

Using Cloud Caster, I exported an OPML file and accessed it via the Import OPML function in Doggcatcher.

That function displayed all the episodes but when I selected the subscribe button I still only got the most recent episode displayed in Doggcatcher.

Here is the OPML file.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-16"?>My Cloud Caster feeds2015-01-20T14:08:25.9292039+00:002015-01-20T14:08:25.9292039+00:00

I'm guessing I'm doing something wrong while importing.

Any ideas?


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The feed is listed first in

The feed is listed first in DC's database, using the keyword "Seventh-Day Atheist" (In the DC Navigation Menu>Subscribe>Search) it's possible that the "Hidden Episodes that are done" option is enabled, to disable (Press the second icon from right ) of the episode screen of the feed or the "User interface" settings (In the DC Navigation Menu>Settings)