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Timer problem after Android Lollipop upgrade

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Timer problem after Android Lollipop upgrade

I've been using Doggcatcher for a few months with Android on a Google Nexus 5 phone. A problem developed after the upgrade to Lollipop. Whenever I pause an audio podcast anywhere in the middle, the playback stops but the timer actually keeps running. For example, I might be listening to a podcast, pause at the 6:23 mark, and then put the phone away for 45 minutes. If I then restart the podcast, the timer will have advanced, and it might say 36:23 and immediately "bounce back" to 6:23 and continue to play properly. It doesn't seem to always do this, though -- sometimes it seems to mark the podcast as done in my audio feed, which makes it disappear from list.

Note that the timer doesn't automatically restart if I only put the phone down for 5 minutes or so. It only happens if the phone has been paused for several minutes, so it must have something to do with the sleep mode of the phone.

I hope the Doggcatcher people can figure out a solution to this. If there are any questions about this problem I will try to answer them.


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This was fixed in this

This was fixed in this release, which version of DC are you on?

1.2.4085/1.2.3081 (Released 2015-01-02)