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Active podcast not being remembered between application sessions

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Active podcast not being remembered between application sessions

I've noticed recently (last week or so) that the currently in progress podcast is no longer in focus when returning to DoggCatcher after exiting. In the past I could pause a podcast, exit DoggCatcher, and when I went back to the application that podcast would have the active focus of the app and I could just hit play and resume listening where I left off. Now when I return after pausing and exiting none of the podcasts has focus and if I just hit play it will start playing the podcast at the very top of the list. The change in functionality is a bit frustrating as I now have to scroll through my downloaded podcasts to find the one I'm currently listening to. I checked the settings, but couldn't find anything that appeared to relate to this. I also couldn't find any posts on this in the forums. Is this behavior the intended way for the app to work now? Any chance that the prior behavior could be restored via an option in the settings?


DoggCatcher version: 1.2.4085
Nexus 4
Android 5.0.1

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Send a log right after the

Send a log right after the problem happens again (In the DC Navigation Menu>Report Problem) - I'm not able to reproduce this issue, this could only happen if the episode was deleted or the playlist was changed to another