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Move New and Download Counts Back to Old Location

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Move New and Download Counts Back to Old Location

Thanks for a great app and thanks for the effort in keeping the UI up to date. However, in the latest release the icons with the numbers for "New" and "Playing" are in the Feeds view shades of light blue and light green that are very hard to see against many podcast picture background, particularly when the podcasts themselves have a blue or green blackground and the extra space between the cards often means the text titles are truncated. I'd suggest moving the settings option back to the individual podcast screen and away from it's location next to the podcast title. This would open up room for putting the new and playing counts back down where they were.

Settings are something that's rarely used whereas the counts are used more frequently so I'd rather have the counts on the overview of all podcast screen, even if that means removing some Material-design like shapes.


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I'm not going to be able to

I'm not going to be able to move the counts but I'll play with the background color on them to see if I can get some more contrast.

Thanks for the feedback.