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Add "Remove and mark as done" on download list

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Add "Remove and mark as done" on download list

I listen to a lot of radio podcasts, some of which I might have already listened to elsewhere. I can click to remove them from the download list, but unless it's also marked as "done", it just pops up in the download list again next time I update. Can we have a "remove and mark as done" option in the download list?

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Remove from queue and flag as done

There is a couple of issues on Eric's to do list - 0001538: Add a 'remove from queue and flag as done' to episodes in the download queue and 0001595: From the download queue, abort a download, delete the media file and flag as done.

Thanks for posting

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What this feature added?

Hi. I realize this is a few years old -- sorry if it is poor form to comment on such an old topic. But I just created a login so I could specifically request this feature. I too remove episodes from the download queue, but would like an option to also flag as done, otherwise they get re-added to the download queue upon the next refresh.

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I would like to "+1" this too.

Indeed I would like this to be able to make this default behaviour when I tap something on the download queue