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Playlists available to other applications

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Playlists available to other applications

I would absolutely love it if I have the ability to create playlists in Doggcatcher that could be used by other applications.

My specific situation is for Zombies Run. I prefer to listen to my podcasts rather than music when on my walk/runs and I use Zombies Run( on my phone while doing so. The way I have to do it now is to create a playlist with a different music app, find the raw episode file, and add that to the playlist, so that Zombies run can detect it.

Since Play Music Playlists also don't show up I have a different music app installed LITERALLY for the sole purpose of creating playlists from my podcast files, so I can listen to them on my walks through Zombies Run. Also since the audio library on the phone doesn't seem to index right away, If I've downloaded new episodes of a podcast since the last restart of my phone, I have to restart it to get the audio files to show up in that program.

Since Doggcatcher is my fav podcast app and it does what it's supposed to really well IMO I have no complaints that this functionality doesn't exist, but it would save me a ton of daily hassle.

Again Love this app, I tried pretty much every podcast tracker for android 3-4 years ago when I switched from Ipod, and have never had any real reason to consider switching.