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Version 1.2.4079 on Nexus 5 with Lolipop

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Version 1.2.4079 on Nexus 5 with Lolipop

I just reinstalled and setup Dogcatcher after a fresh install of Android 5 on my Nexus 5.

Two issues....The sort order of episodes doesn't change. I listen to many of the podcasts and usually have 3 episodes downloaded of each show at any given time. Since the update the episodes are sorted oldest on top. This doesn't change despite my changing the selection to newest first in settings. Is this a bug?

Additionally, I love that you make it easy to subscribe to the podcasts, but you don't include all the shows? An example is Tech News 2Nite (The afternoon tech news wrap up to the sister show Tech News Today)


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Try changing the play order to "Default' (In the DC menu>Settings>Global Feed Options) 7 then updating the feeds.

The Twit Directory will be updated soon, both shows...Tech News Today & Tech News 2Night are both listed in DC database under the "Search tab' (In the "DC Navigation Drawer/Menu> Subscribe “Press the DC App Icon Top left of the Main Screen”)

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Which screen are you on where

Which screen are you on where the order is incorrect? Also which is it that is incorrect, the order that the episode display or the order that they play?

We'll do an update of the twit directory, thanks for letting us know.