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Complaint - Default settings just cost me $100 in mobile data

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Complaint - Default settings just cost me $100 in mobile data

I just installed the app and glanced at it in the car, before putting down my phone.

The result? - Dogcatcher used a GB of mobile data downloading the recommended podcasts...

This is a bit of a nightmare -I was driving at the time, so ignoring the phone...

WHY is dogcatcher not set up with the default data download only on WiFi???

suffice to say - I am uninstalling the app now... I seriously recommend you review your standard out-of-the-box settings.

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DoggCatcher actually doesn't

DoggCatcher actually doesn't download anything automatically with the default settings.

The first time you run it, it does however ask you if you want to configure your feeds to auto-download. If you change that to some number other than 0, DC will start downloading that many media files per feed.

One other reason that downloads would start is if you press on an episode that isn't downloaded (that's how you download it).

We've had similar discussions a few times before and most people would find it unintuitive for new DC installations to not download media files on mobile connections when users press on episodes to download them. There are people on both sides of this though.