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Boost volume for podcasts (or normalization)

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Boost volume for podcasts (or normalization)

I saw a comment on normalizing the volume for podcast back in 2011 but nothing else seemed to come of it. My issue is the volumes of the podcasts can vary greatly. When listening in car, I have to adjust the volume of Bluetooth to max on my phone and then adjust the volume in my car quite high. I can then hear the podcast okay, however, if I'm also using Google Navigation, when it makes its alerts, they about blow me out of the car.

It would be nice to have a volume control specific to the media or a normalization level that could be used to ensure that the podcasts all play at a consistent level. Don't care if it's within DoggCatcher or a separate player. I would like to see this feature get readdressed if possible.


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Audio Normalization

Your request is still on Eric's to do list, but it's not on the near plan, the problem is locating an open source library

RE: #8) 0000777: Perform audio normalization after download and prior to playing media 0000413: Ability to increase volume level

Bob Simmons
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Volume Normalization needed - this is a critical issue for me.

Some podcasts are recorded with a volume level too low and I am unable to listen to them with Doggcatcher on my android device (Galaxy S4) even with the device volume setting set to as loud as possible.. I need a feature to normalize the volume on a feed-by-feed bases to correct this problem. For me this is a critical issue because it prevents me from using Doggcatcher to listen to certain podcasts. I know there is software which can correct this problem because I have such a program on my desktop PC. At present if I want to listen to such a podcast with Doggcatcher I have been downloading the episodes to my desktop PC and normalize the volume with a media handler product called MediaMonkey, then transfer the files to my android via USB, and then createinga virtual feed in Doggcatcher. This workaround is cumbersome and time-comsuming. It would be so nice if Doggcatcher could have a volume normalization feature for each feed.

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It's not a fix in DoggCatcher...

It's not a fix in DoggCatcher, but I was annoyed enough by this problem for the NPR Hourly News Summary I actually wrote a utility to work around it, and I wrote about it in my personal blog (the spam filter won't let me link to it, but it's at "packy dot dardan dot com" and the posts talk about scratching my itch).

One of the posts talks about using SoX, an open-source command line utility, to normalize the podcast episodes and then republish them to my edited feed (I also retain the last week's worth of episodes--the original feed only publishes the latest episode--and filter out times I don't want).

SoX isn't going to be useful for Eric, because it's a command-line tool and doesn't do real-time normalization, but it worked for what I was doing.

It's not a solution for everyone, but... eh, I figured I'd toss it out there for people to see.

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Per-feed volume offset?

I don't have a major problem, but some feeds are always quieter than others.

My request is for a simple +/- volume offset per feed. I could set a value then see if that had the level of effect I wanted.

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I fail to comprehend why this

I fail to comprehend why this is not a priority.

This has been requested many times for many years. This is NOT a trivial issue. The volume output of most podcasts I subscribe to is so low I have to crank my car stereo. I CANNOT use Nav while listening to podcasts, because it will blast the speakers at EXTRMELY DANGEROUS VOLUME when Doggcatcher is playing at a "normal" volume. If a phone call comes in while I'm listening to podcasts, I run the risk of physical damage to my speakers and ears.

Therefore I cannot use Doggcatcher on my car stereo. Simply adding an internal volume boost would completely resolve this issue.

Again, it has been requested repeatedly for years.