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Authenticated Podcast Episodes Disappear

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Authenticated Podcast Episodes Disappear

I subscribe to a paid podcast that requires a username/password combination. When I add the feed with the "Add a Feed RSS URL option everything works fine at first and I am able to download and play the episodes with no problem. But after a few hours the episodes that I downloaded disappear from the feed list even though I did not listen to them all and did not tell the program to delete them. Also episodes that I have not yet downloaded disappear from the feed list except for a random one from a couple weeks ago. The only way I have found to fix this is to delete the podcast from my library completely and then re-add it again. I know the username/password combination that I am using is correct. The feed URL is: I am running Doggcatcher version 1.2.3064, the paid app. I am running it on a Verizon Galaxy S3 Android Build:KOT49H.I535VRUDNE1.

This issue happens 100% of the time. I have tried it on Verizon data network and different WiFi networks and it still happens. I have cleared the cache, uninstalled and reinstalled the app, rebooted the phone, kept the app up to date. I started happening the first day I downloaded the app just over 2 weeks ago. I just updated to the paid version and it still happens.

Any help would be greatly appreciated as it is a pain to have to keep re-adding the podcast everyday.

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Hide episodes that are done

Check if the "Hide episodes that are done" filter feature is enabled, episodes flagged grey (Done) are hidden. press the check ✓ icon (Left of the Episode screen of any feed) or DC settings (In the DC Menu>Settings>User Interface)

There could also be an issue with the feed, long press on the feed>press 'Diagnostics' if there is a problem follow the recommendations (Cloud Right of the issue) "Press Repair Here" (Example 'Duplicate File names' or 'Sorting issue')

You may have to change a couple of feed options settings not recognized by the diagnostics feature on this particular feed - Long press on the feed>press 'Feed Options'>Scroll down to 'Episode Identifier' change from "GUID" to "Title">Scroll down to & enable "Full Fetch">Press OK.

The problem could be for other feeds that only displays one episode, the publisher of the feed, example "FOX News Radio" - "This American Life" or "Dan Carlin Hardcore History" feeds only allows one episode at a time to be available for download. A workaround for this to enable the 'Pin Expired' option - Long press on the feed>Press 'Feed Options'>Scroll down to & enable 'Pin Expired'>Press OK This feature requires that you manually delete episodes once completed- long on a episode & press 'Delete audio/video file'