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Dropping last 30 secs of pod cast

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little pete
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Dropping last 30 secs of pod cast

When listening to a pod cast for some reason the last 30 secs or so mark the end of the podcast. Does anyone know how to correct this?

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DC uses the Android media

DC uses the Android media player for playback & it must be telling DC the episode is over when it isn't or the feed enclosure is listing the media file length incorrectly

Example feed enclosure (enclosure length="16504160" type="audio/mpeg" url="" )

First try clearing the data/cache for the 'Music and/or Video' player (In the Device Settings>Application Manager>All) Press "Music Player'>Press 'Clear cache' first to see if that fixes the problem, if not...repeat & press 'Clear Data' repeat for the 'Video Player' if you experience the issue with video file.