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Still Need a Way To DELETE INDIVIDUAL Episodes (not Hide All)

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Still Need a Way To DELETE INDIVIDUAL Episodes (not Hide All)

I don't see a way to DELETE/HIDE INDIVIDUAL episodes from a feed. This would be a helpful feature...

I have a feed with 100 episodes. I'd like to keep a few of them in the list, but hide all the rest. (This applies to any type episode - new, downloaded, done, etc.) Currently, if I want to find one of the few episodes, I have to scroll through all episodes in my display. Awful. I'd like to clean-up my list and hide all unwanted episodes instead of having all the clutter. This way, if I listen to an episode and want to keep it in the list, I can. And if I decide I don't want a certain episode, I can simply hide/delete it.

Note: I know I can pull individual episodes into playlists, but playlists are a hassle. I personally like to simply keep the feed list as my main playlist. I'd like this feature added to the list of episodes in each feed.

For example: add a feature to Long press the episode and select Hide or Delete.


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There is an option to hide

There is an option to hide done episodes that could do this for you. You could just flag them all as done, and then flag the ones to want to keep visible as in progress.

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pin expired

You can decrease the number of episodes to 10-20 and check 'pin expired' in feed settings. This way every time new episodes arrive you get an option to delete older pinned episodes manually.