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better sorting/marking for episodes

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better sorting/marking for episodes

Hello! I saw several posts about pinning episodes or various other things, but I think that I am using DoggCatcher differently. I use it less as an up-to-date news feed, and more as an archive that automatically checks for updated content, so I can pick through the stuff I've downloaded to find something suitable for right now.

1) I spend a lot of time with language learning podcasts like, where I may listen to a single episode out of order, over and over, interspersed with other things like vocab review tracks related to that episode.

It would be great to be able to tag or color-code episodes so I can easily see which lessons I am currently working on, which ones I still need to review a couple of times, and which ones I'm confident I've mastered. I don't want to delete any of them because my paid subscription is running out and I won't be able to re-download. Even four or five colors, accessible from the righthand pop-up menu, would make my life a lot easier. They could simply override the new/in progress/incomplete colors at the left, or change the right edge or the whole bg, or however you'd like to implement it.

2) I'd love to be able to sort all episodes, both regular and virtual feeds, by oldest/newest, by title, and by length - for example, I might be looking for a story that's at least an hour long because I'm going on a road trip. Also, it would be great to be able to sort by "in progress" status so I can see which things I'm halfway through already -for example, I might be listening to two different stories in my virtual feed but I have to scroll though the whole list to find them. I don't care much about automatic playback order because I'm always going to be picking manually; I just want to be able to sort the stuff I already have.

Thanks for reading all of that. :)

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The first thing seems to be

The first thing seems to be pretty specific to your scenario but we might be able to do something there.

The second would be best addressed by me adding some additional sort criteria to the dynamic playlist and possibly an easier way to switch the sort order. We've already got an issue in our bug tracker for this type of thing.

Thanks for the feedback.

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Better episode sorting options

Just wondering if the 'additional sort criteria' was ever implemented. Seems the default for Virtual Feed is alphabetical Z to A, which seems unusual. Or it could be be that it's always been configurable and I just can't find it.


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You're right. Virtual feeds

You're right. Virtual feeds don't sort, but I created an issue for this -

There a hacky way to get a playlist of virtual feed episodes that might work.

You could create a category for your virtual feeds and put all the virtual feeds in that category. Then, create a dynamic playlist for the virtual feeds and set the sort order on that.

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Episode "star" or highlight

Love Doggcatcher, use it every day and I've got a situation similar to the original poster.
I'm behind on my feeds and don't listen to them in real-time so I would like to be able to tag (add a star or highlight with a color) certain episodes that may be of high importance (released the day after a certain event, big game, geopolitical, etc). Since I might be a couple weeks behind in my listening I want to highlight a particular episode to make sure I don't skip/delete it.

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Episode highlight

Eric has an issue on the to do list 0001175: Ability to set a bookmark with a note for an episode -