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BT Pause causing Play/Pause Action continuously

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BT Pause causing Play/Pause Action continuously

13 Audi A4 MMI. Was testing changing media sources (to internal jukebox, or to Radio) will pause DC. At present, it will pause momentarily, then start playing again, but the audio will not be heard because the car is on a different source. there only seems to be one play/pause entry in the event log, but i will check again.

I had figured that if I PAUSE DC before source switching, it might help. So watching DC, I paused it thru the car controls. DC does pause, but it then is stuck in a loop of Play/Pause/Play/Pause... forever, or until I disconnect BT or start to play it again. There is only a single play/pause in the event log that I see, but will check again. So besides this being a battery drain problem, the podcast does move forward in play time, to not be heard again...

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Send a log right after the

Send a log right after the problem happens again (In the DC Menu>Report Problem)