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NFC Task Launcher/Trigger support

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NFC Task Launcher/Trigger support

I have an NFC tag in my car, and when I scan it ,Trigger:

- enables bluetooth
- disables wi-fi
- raises ringer volume
- starts playback with beyondpod

However, when I switched over to DoggCatcher (which I generally prefer), I wasn't able to change that last step exactly. I can simulate the "play" button, but the built-in music player on my S4 is somewhat pigheaded and seems to want to respond to the play button at all times, regardless of whether doggcatcher was most recently running.

This is probably very similar to the Tasker integration request, intents, etc. I want to specifically tell DoggCatcher to play.

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NFC Tags

NFC task/intents like the Tasker integration request is probably on Eric's to do list, but isn't listed publicly yet