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Feeds vs Invividual Media Files

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Feeds vs Invividual Media Files

Presently I'm able to subscribe to a Feed, and listen to the Individual Media Files as they are downloaded automatically every night. Once I listen to them, they are deleted as one would expect with the podcast concept.

What I can't find, and am suggesting be developed, is a method to bring down an Individual Media File to be played later. This Individual Media File could be a file that is part of a Feed, or may just be a random MP3 from the internet. Maybe what I'm suggesting is a new tab to add to the FEEDS, AUDIO, VIDEO, NEWS tabs... maybe something like ADHOC, and it has a +URL at the top, where one can enter a URL, and it'll pull the file down and allow it to be renamed to something meaningful.


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Eric has this on his to do

Eric has this on his to do list: Ability to search and play individual episodes rather than feeds & similar issue: Ability to search/filter episodes by title

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What might work for you is a

What might work for you is a virtual feed. You could create a virtual feed and then download the files you want and place them in the virtual feed directory.