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Virtual feed sort order: Random

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Virtual feed sort order: Random

I would like to see a the ability to randomly sort tracks within virtual feeds.
Use case:

When I am riding my motorcycles I like to listen to podcasts. After I have listened to all my podcasts, I would like DoggCatcher to start playing my music, selecting random tracks. I have a directory for music and have a virtual feed pointed to that directory. This works great; except I hear the 500 songs in the same order each time. Every time. This gets tiring.

What I do then is (and what I would like to avoid) is to stop, pull off my gloves, stop DoggCatcher, turn off bluetooth headset functions, exit DoggCatcher, open another music app (DoubleTwist in this case), turn on bluetooth headset functions in that app, start playing music in random/shuffled order), put on gloves and keep riding. The next morning when I have new podcasts I must reverse these changes to go back to DoggCatcher. Bleh. Would be nice to have one app play all my podcasts, then random music.

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I just created an issue for

I just created an issue for this.

Thanks for the feedback