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Partial error download; all feeds affected

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Partial error download; all feeds affected


I've got a Samsung S4, which has recently been updated to Android 4.4.2, where I run the paid release of DoggCatcher (version 1.2.4054).

Following the OS upgrade (which might not be related), I cannot download new podcasts. I get a "Partial Error" error message .

The full error detail is: " /mnt/extSdCard/Podcasts/DoggCatcher/EpisodeEnclosures/10/thisisonlyatest-251-20140403.mp3.PART: open failed: EACCES (Permission denied)".

This initially occurred when I was downloading a podcast and moved from WiFi to cellular, although this only occurred on a different feed. Now all podcast feeds are affected.

I tried to delete a feed and remove all podcasts for it, and then re-subscribe to it again, but the problem still persists.

There is more than enough free space on the SD card (about 12GB), so I'm at a bit of a loss.

Can anyone assist me with this?

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DC can only write a specific

DC can only write a specific directory on external SD cards with Android KitKat 4.4.2 update - See posted FAQ about this issue

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I'm getting this error on a

I'm getting this error on a Samsung Galaxy S4. I have tried changed the directory to the one specified in the FAQ with no luck. Doggcatcher worked fine on this phone for months. I then wiped it and gave it to my wife and it hasn't worked since. The phone is rooted and I have applied the SD fix to make the card writeable again but that hasn't helped. I'm using Doggcatcher on my S5 and it is working fine. Anything else I can try? My wife wants her podcasts.

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The problem could be a

The problem could be a corrupt SD card, try another card or reformat it, if you're not able to send a log through DC, install aLogcat (free) or Log Collector app (Available in the Google Play Store) and email the log to us (support (AT) doggcatcher (DOT) com)

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I was here to ask the same

I was here to ask the same thing, but I deleted everything and redownloaded and it works. First I tried to copy my old directory into the new one, but apparently doggcatcher doesn't have permission to write to that directory. I have no idea how Android permissions work so it was easier just to delete it all and start over.

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Can we get a detailed walk through and how to save old media?

I have paid Doggatcher 1.2.4061 running on Galaxy S4 with Android 4.4.2 and can no longer download new podcasts, hitting the error of not being able to write to SD card.
If I change the Doggatcher settings to a new SD location will old media be moved to this new location automatically or will the old media be seen in addition to the media stored at the new location? This seems unlikely.
In the event that media will not be moved can we get a detailed explanation of how to move all the old podcasts to a new location such that the Doggcatcher indexs will locate the media? Seems that this will hit a lot of people and it is worth providing a good step-by-stgep explanation of the process to deal with this Android change in writing to storage. I don't want to lose my old media. I am able to mount phone as a data device and copy media from a Linux OS view.

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When you change to the new

When you change to the new Android data location (/storage/extSdCard/Android/Data) you will have to manually move/copy DC's storage directory from (/storage/extSdCard/DoggCatcher) to (/storage/extSdCard/Android/Data/ or create virtual feeds for the podcasts at the original storage location.

KitKat Devices

Step 1 Open DC (In the DC Menu>Settings>Miscellaneous>Storage Directory)
From the "Storage Directory" screen, press on (/storage/extSdCard/Android/Data) in orange - then press "Yes' on the dialog box - this should auto-fill the storage directory box down below - on the second dialog box press OK - DC should restart - minimize DC

Step 2 Open a file manager - Locate (/storage/extSdCard/DoggCatcher) copy DoggCatcher folder to (/storage/extSdCard/Android/Data/

Step 3 Open DC verify you can payback previously downloaded media files .

Step 4 If all is OK delete DC directory located at (/storage/extSdCard/DoggCatcher)