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Auto-Play not working

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Auto-Play not working

My auto-play quit working approximately 2 months ago. I am having problems with virtual feeds and subscription feeds.
I have tried enabling and disabling the auto-play option from the icon and from the Options> Audio Player menu checkbox but neither method enables auto-play.

DoggCatcher version: 1.2.4053 (paid version)
Phone: Samsung Galaxy S3
Android Version: 4.3

What should I try to fix the problem?

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Joined: 02/23/2011 - 22:28
Check the audio tab and

Check the audio tab and verify if the current playlist has any episodes, Auto-play plays what's on the list. If the tab is empty, then nothing will be played. select another playlist or add more episodes to the user playlist that you're currently using. If auto -play is on and there are episodes in the audio tab, send a log right after DC doesn't switch to another episode. (In the DC> Menu>Report Problem)