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Variable speed setting for individual feeds

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Variable speed setting for individual feeds

I love that you have variable speed in DC. Been using it since forever ago when it needed Presto Now with VSP built in, can there be a way to add a custom feed setting? I usually listen to most of my feeds at 1.5x or more, but there are some that are music based, or not intelligible at the accelerated speed. Rather than having to go to my device to set the speed each time, it would be nice to have that feed specific setting.
I found this feature in Pocket Casts and found it super handy. Only tried them because they have a sync option between devices and I couldn't get in on Cloud Sync in DC. ;-) Came back since I missed all the customization in DC and especially the play on connect. I like to make my use of DC as hands-free as possible (safety and convenience) and adding the VSP override option in feed options would be excellent. Thanks for all the work and happy to use this catcher.

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A feed option for feed

A feed option for feed specific variable speed adjustment is on Eric's to do list

also see this posted thread on CloudSync