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RFE: Virtual Feed Watch Folder

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RFE: Virtual Feed Watch Folder

I'd appreciate it if DoggCatcher could be configured to "watch" a folder and auto generate Virtual Feeds based on sub-folders added to said watch folder. Any Feed Options or Assigned Categories would be copied over from the Virtual Feed Watch Folder's settings into the auto-generated Virtual Feed. Also a Category based on that folder's name would be added so that the playlist feeds can be filtered to just one book. My primary use for this would be library audiobooks I've ripped from CD and copied to an microSD card.

For example If I added sub-folders to the configed watch folder of .../Audiobooks/ such as:
.../Audiobooks/Book A/....
.../Audiobooks/Book B/....
would produce Virtual Feeds named Book A and Book B

Alternatively, I'd happily get rid of my Video or News tabs for a proper Audiobook tab.

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We do have it on the list for

We do have it on the list for virtual feeds to support nested directories which could almost achieve the same thing. You could point a virtual feed at your AudioBooks folder and one virtual feed would contain all the books.