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Add option to 'Play Next'

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Add option to 'Play Next'

I listen to podcasts while I'm walking my dog. I keep the phone in my inside pocket so the earbud cord doesn't interfere with the zipper. Did I mention it's also -20C today? Anyway, it would be great to long press on an episode and have a 'Play Next' option. This would mean I wouldn't have to fish out my phone in the brutal cold. There are other ways this would be convenient of course, this is just one.

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Have you tried using the auto

Have you tried using the auto play option? Enable the Car Mode screen, press the thumbnail icon (Left on the media control bar) the auto-play (A) icon - (Second icon top right of the screen) this feature will play all episodes in the current playlist.

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I too would like an option

I too would like an option for just playing my audio feeds straight through and be able to use the skip buttons to jump to the next audio feed or file without marking that last item as done (should stay in progress until fully listened to or manually marked as done).