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Artwork for Virtual Feed

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Artwork for Virtual Feed

I created a virtual feed then went into the SD card and put my mp3 files in the EpisodeEnclosures folder. The folder happens to be named '49'. then updated the feed and works awesome, all 15 entries are listed in my virtual feed.

however, the logo is a green musical note. i want to give the virtual feed artwork like all the other regular podcasts have.

i created a folder under PodcastImages folder named '49' and put in a 60x60 pixel JPEG file with the logo i wanted. went back into the program and updated the feed but no luck.

is this not yet possible? is there a naming convention for the image i need to be using?

please let me know if there is a way to give a virtual feed artwork like a regular podcast has.

THANKS! great, great, great program

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Virtual feed thumbnails

At the moment, that's not supported but it's a good idea. I created an issue for this -

Glad you like the app, and thanks for posting.