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Transferring paid subscription

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Transferring paid subscription

Well, I'm sorta a new user that's been around for years. And therein lies my question. Four years ago I paid for my DC and used it extensively--and liked it!! Then I was tricked into the dark side (those things that start with 'i'!) and no longer used DC. Now I'm back--the i's have been eliminated, but I find myself unable to do certain things in my DC. I believe it's because I downloaded my current copy from the Playstore and made no mention that I had purchased this app years ago--I think I have a sorta trial version with limited functions (determining how many episodes to keep etc).

Am I correct in my assertion, and, if so, how do I (or can I) transfer my paid license to my new phone? I'm not opposed to paying for a new license, I just would like things to work to the greatest extent possible.

Thanks in advance to all who stop by. I need lots of help.

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The Lite Trial & Paid version

The Lite Trial & Paid version of DC are different apps according to the Play Store, you can install the paid version
as long as you're using the same Google credentials when you first purchased the app.