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Meaning of "N hours ago" message on the Feeds page?

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Meaning of "N hours ago" message on the Feeds page?

What does the "N hours ago" message below the feed name on the Feeds page mean? Initially I thought it was the date of the most recent item in the feed, but when I go to the Items page I often can't find any item on the page that has the same "N hours ago" value.

I usually choose what to download by seeing what fits my mood and was recently updated, then I manually choose a few podcasts to download. It would be very convenient to be able to see what is recent from the Feeds page instead of having to click through to the Items page.

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Pub date

Feed publishers put a pub date in the feed that is supposed to indicate when it changed last. That is what is displayed under each of the feed titles.

If the publishers are setting the pub date correctly, that date should give you an indication of when new items were added. I've noticed that not all feeds have that set though.