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AutoPlay Use case - perhaps feature request?

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AutoPlay Use case - perhaps feature request?


I use DoggCatcher while commuting to work by car (~1 hour each direction) and have about 10 audio podcast feeds in my feed list. They are ordered by importance (e.g. first is a daily news podcast set to keep only one episode, last is a daily 10-minute-feature about "this day in history) and when I select the first episode, they happily play in the order I'd like them to.

On weekends and during vacation, episodes tend to accumulate. This means that when I arrive, I don't have an empty episode list. When I get back in the car, DoggCatcher has already downloaded new episodes which might be more important than the ones playing. Usually, I want to finish the episode I was listening to when I left the car, and then have autoplay skip to the first episode in the list (which doesn't work because it automatically plays the next episode in the list).

Is there a way to tell DoggCatcher that the episodes/feeds have priorities? Would Autoplay need a new setting for that?

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There isn't a way to do that

There isn't a way to do that now, but I added it to the todo list. We would have a playlist that always plays the episode at the top of the list.

After listening to your description, that's pretty much the way I listen also. I think I'd probably end up using that.

Thanks for posting.

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RE: AutoPlay Use case - perhaps feature request?

I was searching for a way to do this exact thing, and came across this page ... putting in a vote for this very useful feature.