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Play/Pause on long-hold volume

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Play/Pause on long-hold volume

I don't know if this exists and I'm missing it, or really is a feature request, but it would be great if this app would allow long-holding one of the volume rockers to play/pause a podcast, so that it can be easily managed while driving or with the phone in my pocket. Currently it recognizes a long-hold as some sort of "Skip forward", but changing the headset fast-forward or reverse hotkeys to play/pause doesn't seem to change it. Anyone know how to do this, or should I send it in as a feature request?


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I looked at something similar

I looked at something similar a while back but it was pretty highly discouraged by the google android devs, they didn't want people assigning hardware buttons to alternate purposes. I don't think you can detect long presses of the volume buttons.

Thanks for the feedback.