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Sleep timer UI request

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Sleep timer UI request

If I am in the feed category and select a feed, I get a list of all the episodes. If I select one to play, and I am using the internal player I think it would be nice for an option to switch automatically to the playing screen where one could then select the sleep timer.

Currently the operation is select podcast//select episode//back arrow to main menu//Slide Right to Playing category//select sleep timer, which is inefficient when one does this every night :)

Thanks for consideration

Edit: alternately just allow the option for sleep timer on the feeds screen.

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I'm pretty sure I'm going to

I'm pretty sure I'm going to move the place where you access the sleep timer pretty soon. I'm playing around with those sliding menus that are hidden on the left of most of the google apps (gmail/hangouts/store/etc). I'll probably stick the sleep timer in there so you can get to it from anywhere.

I agree it's in a weird spot at the moment.