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Suggestions for autoplay toggle

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Suggestions for autoplay toggle

I'd really appreciate it if the autoplay toggle could be disabled. It seems something people are relatively unlikely to frequently change, yet it is given the primest of real estate - I'd much prefer a 'prev track' button or even a sleep timer. It's also very easy to accidentally hit - at this point, I've lost many hours of sleep when the short podcast I listen to to help sleep keeps playing and messes with sleep (and had to go through and mark-as-new podcasts I hadn't meant to listen to from those times). It's a real pain.

So could you either:
* Move it into a menu
* Make the control bar configurable (or at least that button of it)
* Provide a confirmation prompt when it's changed (or an option in some advanced setting to enable a prompt at least)

I think I'm in the minority in seldom using autoplay, but accidentally hitting the toggle has been incredibly frustrating.


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On the beta version of DC some application functions were moved to a navigation drawer

Currently the "Auto-Play" icon is located on the top right of the "Car Mode" screen between the "Sleep Timer" and the "Title Listing" Icons - - Press on feed thumbnail on bottom left of the screen on the media control bar to enable car mode screen. The ability to turn "Auto-Play" on or off is also in the "Audio Player" settings (In the DC Menu) So it's not on the control bar anymore, what version of DC is installed on your device?