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Some previously downloaded content inaccessible

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Some previously downloaded content inaccessible


I subscribe to a podcast called Mixergy.

When accessing the feed, I see 6 items: 4 audio podcasts and 2 news/notes. When I click 'Press to load more', I see the message: "All the episodes provided by the publisher are displayed". In the past I have downloaded Mixergy episodes that I have not listened to yet. When I traverse the file directory on my phone, under DoggCatcher/EpisodeEnclosures, I see 8 audio podcasts.

Is there anyway for me to access this older content that I have already downloaded within Doggcatcher?


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Mixergy Feed

The publisher most have changed the availability of previews episodes, if you take a look the feed URL in a browser, there are currently only four episodes available for download, a workaround for future episodes is from this point you would have to enable "Pin Expired" - Long press on the feed> Press "Feed Options"> Scroll down to & enable "Pin Expired"> Press OK. with this option you will be required to manually delete media files.

On some feeds, publishers will allow access previous episodes from their site but I'm not sure with this feed, you would have to contact them at for more information