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Notification for newly published episodes.

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Notification for newly published episodes.

I recently switched from Podkicker to DoggCatcher. Good job. I like it much better.

One thing I miss though is a setting for notifications for newly published podcasts (which is not the same as downloaded podcasts if you have a restriction on the number of downloads per feed). If this gets implemented I think it should be overridable in single feeds as some feeds post stuff daily and a notification is not really necessary for those.

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There is an issue on Eric's to do list, to add notifications for new episodes - I don't know if this would have a preference setting for particular feeds.

Eric will update the thread later on this issue.

Thanks for posting & supporting the app

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Sounds good, I created an

Sounds good, I created an issue for this -

Thanks for the feedback

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New Episodes notification

I'm with KopolJunam on this one, it's the main thing I miss from Podkicker

hope you can up the priority.