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Cloud sync is not working?

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-Confirm that all devices are sharing the same cloud key
-Confirm on all devices that on the Feeds tab, in the header, you do not see a "Partial cloud sync" message. If you see this, then some of your feeds failed to update. Cloud syncs won't occur until all of your feeds can update successfully
-Confirm that you are not expecting pinned episodes to be synced. Syncing of pinned episodes is not supported.
-Try to reproduce the problem and then send logs from both devices to support
-Please indicate whether syncing has completely stopped working OR if it only occurs sometimes, include notes about which episodes you modified when reproducing the problem.

We'll check out the logs and get back to you.


Hi, I've used DC for several years now, and love it. I am in the Google Group and have v1.2.5098 on my new Galaxy Note 10.1. However, I've not been able to find any record of a key I might have rec'd. How do we go about getting one please?

Go to the Cloud Sync - getting started post in DC's Google Groups forum for the password to activate the Cloud Sync feature!forum/doggcatcher-beta