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Tracklist information of podcast in Android version

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Tracklist information of podcast in Android version

Dear Dogcatcher team,

I recently downloaded the trial version of dogcatcher on my android device. I was tipped by a friend of mine and I absolutly love it. There is just one question I would like to have answered before purchase.

On my Ipod, and in Itunes there has always been shown a tracklist during a podcast I listen(Eelke Kleijn Outside The Box). I have not seen this in dogcatcher. Is this correct, does dogcatcher not display any tracklist or current track title which is playing in the podcast at that time?

The same for the podcast Oliver Huntermann's Ideal Podcast. In iTunes the front image of the particular podcast show Always displayed the entire tracklist of the podcast (track 1... track 2... track 3...). I am not seeing any information about the tracks in the podcast in dogcatcher. Would be a nice feature to add I think. Would defo convince me buying the app :)

Thnx for the support!

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Thanks for trying the app, glad you like it. track listings for each feed are on the feeds screen
press the feeds tab, then press on a particular feed to open the episode screen for track listings

press the playing tab for the current episode playing

both Eelke Kleijn | Outside the Box &

Oliver Huntemann's Ideal Podcast

have a sorting issue and there is warning notification on each feed,from the feeds screen.. open each feed and press the triangle (Top Right of the Episode Screen)then press repair, this will change the sort order from default to oldest first.

You will also have to change a couple feed option settings, press the setting icon (Second icon top of the episode screen) on each feed, scroll down to episode identifier change GUID to Title and enable full fetch, then press OK. Press the load more bar, bottom of the episode screen to list all available published episodes

10 for Eelke Kleijn | Outside the Box

31 for Oliver Huntemann's Ideal Podcast