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Video podcasts play/pause

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Video podcasts play/pause

Hi guys.

Until a few weeks ago, I had never been able to get the widget to work for the VIDEO versions of any podcasts I have downloaded. It works exclusively for audio podcasts.

Also, when using Bluetooth in my car, or a headset with a play/pause button, when I send a "resume audio" signal to my phone, DoggCatcher will only play the audio-only podcasts and not the video one. Even if I was just listening to a video podcast, the audio-only one is what starts playing.

Then, once, about a month ago, inexplicably, the episode of Windows Weekly (video) which I was listening to suddenly WAS responding to the play/pause command!! I would get into the car, turn on the ignition, and then a moment later the Windows Weekly podcast started playing automatically!!! And furthermore, it appeared on the widget and I was able to pause/resume using it!

But it only worked for that one podcast. After the episode was over, the behaviour went back to normal and the pause/resume only did the MP3 podcasts.

Help! This actually makes a huge difference for me. Everu time I get into my car, or take a phone call, when Doggcatcher resumes it will play the MP3 podcast and I have to pick up the phone, unlock it, pause that episode, open Doggcatcher, navigate to the episode I REALLY want, and hit Play. It's driving me nuts. I want it to just resume whichever was the last podcasat I was playing, period, regardless of whether it's video or audio.


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A widget for video is on

A widget for video is on Eric's to do list - - If you long press on video media file and select play as audio, you can control playback using the DC widget, it's also on Eric's to list for the ability to configure globally or a feed to always play video as audio

I'm not able to reproduce problem with the BT headset sending a play/pause event while playing back video media files as video. Send a log (In the DC Menu) right after you experience the problem again.

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Thanks - I was unaware of

Thanks - I was unaware of that specific feature. That may actually resolve my problem.
The basic jist of it is that the pause/resume feature will pause a video podcast just fine, but when I try to resume, it refuses to resume a video podcast and instead finds an audio podcast and resumes that instead.

In the past it has worked like this:

1) I begin playing a video podcast ("Tech News Today") via Bluetooth in my car
2) Incoming call event hits my phone
3) Something (presumably the car audio system) sends a play/pause event to my phone
4) Video pauses
5) Phone starts ringing
6) I take the call, talk to the caller, then hang up
7) Car sends play/pause event to the phone
8) DoggCatcher PLAYS THE WRONG FILE and plays an audio-only / MP3 podcast, which isn't what I was just listening to moments ago!

I think if I use the feature you're describing, it might convince DoggCatcher to resume my video podcasts...

Thanks for the suggestion.