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Extremely confusing auto-deletion settings

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Extremely confusing auto-deletion settings

I discovered Doggcatcher this morning and I'm very excited to have finally found a good podcast app for Android.

Working in the computer industry makes me compulsive to understand every feature of a piece of software. I've just spent the last couple hours trying to understand exactly how Doggcatcher's deletion logic works.
The documentation is quite unhelpful.

I think the following is correct:

"Number of Items" creates a sliding window of the newest N items listed in a podcast.

Once a downloaded file slides off this list, it will be automatically deleted. (is it deleted at update time, or at download time?)

If a podcast removes old items from its listing within the "number of items" window, they will also be automatically deleted unless "Retain expired" is checked.

"Auto downloads" specifies how many files per podcast will be downloaded. If fewer than "auto downloads" have been downloaded, the the oldest files within the "number of items" window that have not been marked "done" will be downloaded.

"Auto Delete Policy" determines when downloaded files will be deleted. This setting only takes effect if there are extra items within the "number of items" window that are marked "new" that have not been deleted. This setting does nothing if "number of items" is set to the same number as "auto downloads".

Is this right?

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Thanks, glad you like the

Thanks, glad you like the app.

Number of items - that's right
Deletes - yep, at update time
Remove old items - yes
auto downloads - yes
auto delete - I think you meant "that have not been downloaded", if so, yes if you have the policy set to as needed. And yes to the second part also.

Your score is 100%, very nice.

Sorry for the delay in responding to this, I knew it was going to require a bit of thinking and I needed to prepare :-).