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Audio Detected as Article and WiFi Add Feed Crash Error

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Audio Detected as Article and WiFi Add Feed Crash Error


I have tried adding audio podcast feeds via DC top feeds, search feeds, and RSS URL for Leo Laporte - The Tech Guy, TWIT, TWIG, MacBreak Weekly, CENT BOL, CNET 404, and Techzilla. DC finds the feeds and adds them but then lists them as articles not audio podcasts. When listed as article, I cannot listen to them at all or through the DC interface and player. Sometimes all the podcasts in a feed are listed that one, sometimes just specific episodes. And in some cases when episode is listed as an article like with CENT BOL, you can click download or stream and it will open in browser and play it or open android music player and play it but it will not download it and play it within DC.

I am also consistently getting the following error when I try to add a feed through the DC interface, I have begin downloads only when on wifi selected in preferences, and wifi is on: Description: Host is unresolved:

I do not get the add feed error when wifi is off and phone is on 3G.

I have a Motorola Droid running 2.0.1, DC version 1.1.1034 and I have over 6GB free on SD card. DC says feed updater and item downloader are healthy under DC about menu.


Thanks for assistance.

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Networking problems

That really sounds like networking problems on your wifi. If you are unable to resolve the host, then you are likely to get see feeds misidentified because DC can't talk to the feed publisher to get any of the items.

Do you think you can give it a try on a different wifi access point?