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Virtual feeds and playback order

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Virtual feeds and playback order

I have quite a few audio books and I wanted to use doggcatcher to play them. So I set up virtual feed, let DC create the directory structure and pop the files in. Not only is playing them continuously important but playing them in order is as well.

The only way I can do this is to set up the virtual feed letting DC create the structure, put files in, assign the virtual feed it's own category, then go to the audio tab and create a dynamic playlist that uses the category I just created. If I don't follow this method and alternatively add them manually from the feed to a playlist, they don't play in order (skips to last track always). Even setting up dynamic playlist of the virtual feed itself does not play it correctly. Usually there are too many tracks to arrange manually.

I know it's not the intended use but the virtual feed/playlist and manual adding is not easy process for multiple files whether it's an audio book or not.

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id3 Tags

id3 tags for virtual feed episodes is on Eric's to do list

See Eric's post #3 on the only way currently to list audio book media files in correct sequence and I'm sorry, it can be a hassle with multiple files audio books