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Playlist order

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Playlist order

I am fairly new to DC and have a question about the playlist. Is there a way to change the order of podcasts in the playlist? The particular podcast that I listen to is put out each day in four "sections". Each one is for one hour of the show. For some reason that is not DC's fault the hours appear in the playlist in reverse order... hour 4 first, then hour 3 and so on. This happened also with my ipod and I had to always make a new playlist to have it play in the correct order.

If I am am missing something obvious I apologize and would appreciate help on this topic.

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Custom playlists

At the moment, there isn't any way to create custom playlists, but it is on the todo list.

In the next release, there will be a playlist that sorts by date with the oldest first, so it's possible (maybe even likely) that this new playlist will get those items in the right order for you.

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Are you still planning on

Are you still planning on implementing the ability to rearrange the play order of the playlist? I like to listen to my daily shows first and then go back and listen to my other shows afterwards. I currently need to manually select the daily shows and then the older shows afterwards. This is more interaction then I'd like while driving.

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Playlist order

Have you tried ordering your feeds on the feeds screen to have your daily ones first and then the others? I think that might get you what you are looking for until there's a more elegant solution.