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How does DoggCatcher pull album art?

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How does DoggCatcher pull album art?

I'm trying to create a podcast feed from Yahoo Pipes, and I can't figure out how get DoggCatcher to display my desired album art. I can't do things like add id3 tags to the mp3 (since I'm essentially linking to mp3s that are already posted on the web), so if DoggCatcher uses tags to find album art I'm out of luck. So how does DoggCatcher pull art? Is there a way for me to embed something in the RSS feed that DoggCatcher can grab (like a thumbnail)? How would I do this?

Thanks to anyone who knows the answer to this.

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I took a look at the XML for Buzz Out Loud at

There seems to be a "header" section, before each individual items of the feed is defined. This includes Pub Date, Description, Keywords, etc. For BOL's album art the tag looks like --thumbnail url=""-- wrapped in a media tag.

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Feed image

Pete's got it.

There are a few different places I look for the image and thumbnail/url is one of them.

Thanks Pete.