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How to search for an old podcast episode from existing feed.

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How to search for an old podcast episode from existing feed.

So, I search around a bit, and didn't see a similar question..

Here is my scenarios... I was googling on a question and found that one of my regular pod-casts had discussed the subject. I could not figure out how to find the old podcast...

Is there an easy way to search a feed I have added, for a specific Podcast that is not current... The particular podcast was released back in February.

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Search for an episode

The ability to search for an episode in a feed is on Eric's to do list -

Currently long press on the feed, press feed options and change number of episodes (150 or 200), press OK.
open the feed, scroll to date of the podcast was published to locate the episode

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+1 for episode search feature

+1000, actually. ;-) I love Doggcatcher, but I find myself with an increasing need to search for episodes based on topic/title. For example, looking for "OSPF" in the PacketPushers podcast.