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I am new at all this I think I might be in the wrong area, all I want to do is stream the "Bob and Tom" morning show on my G1 phone how do I go about doing this? If I go to the browser and click on online listening it says that my phone does not have the correct software to run. What do I need to do??
Thanks Andrew

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Can I manage my podcasts on the website instead of the device?

Also does the android download the podcasts without using my computer?

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Online feed management

DC doesn't currently support online feed management but there have been requests for it and it's on the todo list.

DC will download your podcasts without using the computer.

Thanks for posting.

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You can't stream the show

You can't stream the show directly from the page as it requires either windows media player or real player. You could subscribe to their RSS in DoggCatcher and then stream shows.

And no, you don't need computer to download the podcasts, that's what DoggCatcher is for.