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Wiping playlist

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Steven Jones
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Wiping playlist

I've noticed a problem with DC on my phone since the last update. After playing for a while I'll hit pause. I'll then see a java 'null pointer exception' pop up and the current episode will be marked as done, it will then start playing the next episode for about 2 seconds, throw the same exception and then mark that as done. This will continue until it hits the bottom of my playback list and it's marked all my episodes as done, at which point it would move on to delete them (due to my setting of delete when done) and get ready to download the next in each podcats list, unless I can exit the app in time, restart and 'Flag as New' on each episode I had in my list.

Rather annoying I'm sure you'll agree. Is anyone else seeing this behaviour, or is it some problem with my specific phone or a clash of apps?

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Is this just with one feed?

It sounds similar to a problem we had with a few feeds where the audio doesn't work properly in the android media player.

The next time it happens, please email the log to support at right afterwards. I should be able to tell what's going on from that.

Also please post the url if it's limited to one feed.

Btw, the media won't get deleted until the next feed update, so there isn't a need to kill the app. Just flag 'em as new right after it happens and you should be good.

Thanks for posting.