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Feed downloading

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Feed downloading

Hi --

Been used snoggdoggler for a few weeks.

I'm interested in the ability to have a given feed be kept continually up to date, even if I'm not listening to previously downloaded podcasts. Something like 'maintain the X most recent podcasts' ... if X are already downloaded and unlistened to, and a new one comes out, delete the oldest and get the newest.

Instead, right now, it seems like sd will only retrieve the # of podcasts I've set it to, but one that # is reached, it will not download other casts until the older ones are listened to (ie, marked as done) ... the onus seems to be on me to listen to things and mark them as done, whereas I'd prefer to not have to do that.

If I'm missing something please let me know. Thanks for the consideration.

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There's a workaround

There's a workaround for that. If you set the max downloads and max items to the same number, then you'll always have that many items downloaded and you won't need to worry about deleting any. The drawback is that you might want to see more items than you want downloaded but you won't be able to.

I think you're the third person (at least) that is looking for this kind of setup. I created a mantis issue for this. I'll see if I can get a cleaner solution in place.

Thanks for posting.