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Two Issues - partial download & valid RSS feed not recognized

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Two Issues - partial download & valid RSS feed not recognized


As mentioned in the subject line I have to restart downloads pretty much for each podcast in my list. Also, the following RSS feeds are not recognized as valid, these were copied and pasted into:

I gather the first item is mainly due to connectivity and location as these eventually download?


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Regarding the partial downloads - downloads are aborted when the connection switches from Cell to Wifi and vice-versa. Also, downloads over cell networks either while you are driving or in a poor reception area can cause these problems. Could one of these be the reasons yours are failing?

Two podcasts
Whenever you are having problems with an invalid podcast URL, try pasting the URL into a browser and see what you get. Check the help section of this site for more clues on determining if it's a valid URL or not -

Feed #1 - I get a 404 error on that one, doesn't look like a valid URL.

Feed #2 - This link is to a web page. It's a feedburner page, which always includes a link on it to the RSS feed. Try this one: