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Adding Feeds Online?

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Adding Feeds Online?

Is it possible to add fees from this website on my PC and make it show up on the DoggCatcher? If not that would be a feature i'd love to see.


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Online feed adding

I didn't have any plans to do that, mainly because I was focusing on the recommendations/search thinking that eventually, the only time you would need to add a feed manually is when no one using the recommendations hadn't subscribed to it before.

It's definitely possible, I have an idea or two about how that could work.

I created an issue for this, thanks for the feedback.

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I would totally take

I would totally take advantage of this feature if it were added too.

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Would love to see this, a simple sync of newly added feeds from the same directory, and OMG I love this app so worth the money, I only listen to Twit podcasts, and I thank you so much for adding that category!!!!!

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This feature would make

This feature would make adding new feeds almost painless.