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How Stuff Works podcasts issue with pause/resume

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How Stuff Works podcasts issue with pause/resume

First time posting but wanted to take a second to thank you for such an amazing app...I use it daily and I can't imagine my life without it now. Great job!

Having said that, I have no real issues with the current version on my HTC Hero (Sprint - Android 1.5). However for some reason recently the How Stuff Works podcast has issues with pause/resume.

If I pause a podcast and then resume it, the progress bar/time is in the right spot and continues from the right spot BUT the audio starts from the beginning! Only solution is to hit rewind until the progress bar goes back to 0:00 and let it play. Also if I press fast forward to skip it works a few times but after a certain point it has the same behavior where it will start the audio of the podcast from the beginning again. This so far appears to be primarily an issue with How Stuff Works. I thought it was only a specific podcast but this behavior has been consistent for a few weeks.

I have the latest version of Doggcatcher from marketplace. Thanks.

Also, side note, how do I get access to the beta?

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How stuff works

Thanks, I'm glad you like it.

Those how stuff works podcasts have had problems in the past. When you seek or pause them, the android media player gets an oncompleted event which makes it seem like you hit the end. You get some similar strangeness when you play them in the android music player and seek/pause. The problems seem to come and go.

I sent you an invite to the beta in a separate email.