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Confused New User - failed downloads; colored boxes; available items

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Confused New User - failed downloads; colored boxes; available items

Hi Folks,

You've got a lot of functionality, but I'm lost in a maze of icons. I've tried looking at the user guide, but it has a tendency to refer to things by name, when what I have on screen is a graphic :-(

Several questions:

- I'm getting a job lot of messages about failing downloads. When I found the application log - after a hint from the user guide - and selected one of these, it claimed things like "The network is not conncted via wifi or mobile". I could have told it that; wifi at my office location is very flaky. What I want to know is:
- how to make it retry the download. (Will it do so automatically? All the ap log messages are dated approx 10 minutes ago, and I've had failures for days, so maybe it is retrying? If so, can I get it to do so when I know I'm somewhere with stable wifi, such as at my house?)
- how to find out what downloads are pending, i.e. what episodes does it know about, but hasn't yet downloaded?

- The feeds screen has a column to the right. For each feed, it has one or more square boxes containing digits, in a variety of colors, at least including blue, red, and white, and green.
- What do these icons means?
- how many different context sensitive areas are there on this screen, and what do they do? I had thought there was only one, but in composing this question I determined there were at least two.

- Is there any way to get a list of available-but-not-downloaded items, either per feed or for all subscribed feeds, as there was in Listen. (Yes, I'm only now leaving google's Listen, and only because it ceased to be able to get feed updates almost 2 weeks ago)

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Sorry the spam filter got

Sorry the spam filter got ya.

-downloads will be retried when the feeds are updated.
-refreshing the feeds will dump all the stuff that needs to get downloaded in the queue which you can view by pressing on the app header

-blue - new
-green - in progress
-most rows do something when you press on them, and have a context button on the right side which does the same thing as long pressing on the row

You can do this by feed, by pressing on each feed. The episodes that are new will be blue.

I do need to spent some time cleaning up the user guide. Thanks for posting the detailed questions.